Hello new small padlock for CNC ready for production.

Hello, as you can see in Download section I published today my latest design of small and strong unpickable padlock ready for CNC production. I created it in just 2 days from scratch so now you see how flexible is my mechanism. it could be redesign easily from 3.2 milion to just 10 000 combo, from big to small size. In fact there are infinite variants of this mechanism for safes and other applications. You can download and use those models for private testing purpose but not for any commercial use. There are step for cnc and stl files. I am going now to print SLS this small padlock to test it. There is no clicker yet I am looking for any clever idea how to add it to my mechanism.

Hello again!

Now you can download STL files (Download menu) and print your own sample of my unique mechanism. I am sure nobody can crack it by manipulating the knobs and guessing the correct combination by feeling anything strange. Please watch also my video to help you understand this lock mechanism. Remember: It is in “padlock” just for demo of functionality but it is designed to be placed in safes door or in your residential door. You will be able to use it just i.e. when you will go for holiday or for longer time out. Normally it could be in safe open position for daily use as backup lock.

This 3D model has been printed on Formiga P100 using PA2200 Polyamide in Warsaw University of Technology in Rapid Prototyping Laboratory.

Hello World!

Hello everybody,

Today is 01 Sept 2018 and it is great day. I am showing to the world brand new and unique combination lock mechanism.

Welcome to the new Polish Combination Lock (PCL) web page.

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