Statement: I claim that I designed 100% undecodable lock mechanism called Polish Combination Lock. Try to open it!

Hello , I am announcing new second edition of the World-wide decoding challenge.

After first edition all feedbacks have been taken into action and incorporated in the new version of the challenge lock.

This new challenge lock has 10 000 000 combinations as special padlock.

The rules of second edition are the same as in the first one.

The rules of second decoding challenge:

Please read all 4 parts.

Part 1

  • You need to have your own YouTube Channel
  • You send me by e-mail request for this Challenge, my e-mail is
  • In your request please send me the address for delivery and your YT channel link for verification that you are really you ;). You should confirm that by making pre-review video on your channel.
  • After this confirmation I will on my own cost send you this combination lock for your review and attempt to open it.

Part 2

  • You should make and publish your review video  in one week after receiving it. This is the time you can play with it and try to open. You have full 7 days for decoding challenge. 
  • You should publish the unboxing video with some reference to time and date so we can start the clock correctly. Good reference is Swynndla’s video from unboxing.
  • During all time you have it you should not damage it or destroy or use any tool that can damage it, this is important because I like to use it few times for this decoding challenge.
  • Please do not use too much force this is just plastic model and can be broken.

Part 3

  • If you will not be able to open it within the time of the challenge you will request by e-mail the correct combination and I will send you the correct code to let you open it and make review which must be honest.
  • The correct code will be publish same time here on this page.
  • If you publish your video after end of the challenge and after I publish the correct code, the result will be: The Lock is NOT DECODED.
  • After you finish and publish your video you will ASAP send it back to me (at your own expense) for next review, the code must be the same as you received, no change allowed. You can send it back disassembled as well.

Part 4

  • After receiving it back I will approve next request for this decoding challenge. 
  • All approved participants will be announced here on my page and I will publish the link to participant YouTube channel, no personal data of course.
  • The Challenge is worldwide and everyone who agree with all those conditions is more than welcome. 
  • I have right to reject any request.

If you have any questions just send me an e-mail.

The video presenting the challenge lock is here:

Have fun and be first in the world to open this new designed padlock, good luck!

THE AWARD: If you will open this challenge lock without damaging it (pure decoding within 7 days according to rules above) you will win full metal version when it will be available on the market.

16.SEPT.2019 The second generation PCL with 10 000 000 combinations is going now to Swynndla for final review and testing. The main aim of this test is to check if the security level is now perfect and resistant to all known attacks including laser attack. Swynndla will have full 7 days for his attempt to decode this second generation mechanism.

24.SEPT.2019 The new PCL with 10 000 000 combinations has been delivered to Swynndla. We are waiting for unpacking video.

25. SEPT 2019 Swynndla has published his first video:

I am very glad that the lock has been shipped so quickly. Now Swynndla has 7 days for playing with the lock and try to decode it using all methods he wants including cardboard and laser beam method.

I am pretty sure he will have fun and will check carefully if this time the upgraded mechanism is really decoding proof. In this case with 10 000 000 unique combinations really doesn’t matter if this is 7 days or more. Here is important that Swynndla can check new design and “make certification” of the security level of this lock.

As he mention in this video the lock is very scalable and it can have 7 or less wheels but in real world the attacker will rather try to open using brute force and destruction instead of decoding.

This is exactly my goal to design the lock that can be open only by destruction. That is pick and decode proof.

This is important as if this will be true we will have one of the most secure solution available on the market soon.

I wish Swynndla good luck as he has most experience in decoding my design. I am waiting for final review and judgment.

02. OCT 2019 After almost 7 days Swynndla finally decoded my test lock with 10 000 000 combinations.

Here is his video from this decoding attempt:

This challenge is over now.

I would like to congratulate Swynndla for his hard work, passion and helpfull attitude. He spend a lot of time and effort to decode it. I decided to reward him with one of my first full metal PCL. I will send him free of charge such a new full metal version when it will be available. Thank you again.

Now I will concentrate to finish metal version of PCL. It is definitly very secure mechanism and will be soon much more secure. There will be few mods added to improve security level.

  1. There will be 7 pins pin tumbler lock to protect the wheels against rotation
  2. There will be increased air gap between magnets to have more smooth magnetic joint. (Those magnets in Swynndla test model touched each other making more visible readings)
  3. There will be anti-drilling inserts protect entire mechanism against drilling.