Why not to play with more letters? New design of PCL.

Hello today I am going to show you the new design of PCL. This time you can play with 25 letters placed on 5 knobs. It gives you the opportunity to create even 9 765 625 unique codes.

This padlock has 12 mm closed shackle and 5 wheels plus some extra security features builded in.

This time it has double sided locking mechanism so the 12 mm shackle is even more secure.

There is all security features builded in this model. You will be supprise how good it is.

Now you can memorize 5 words sentence and set up the code very quickly.

Example: Buying Cars Is Quite Difficult. Your code is BCIOD

Cheers, Zbigniew

New design of PCL , now you can play with letters.

Hello, as you know 10 000 000 combinations padlock is now on the way to New Zealand to Swynndla. He will make nice review soon.

Meantime I have designed new layout of PCL. It has 4 combination wheels with 15 Letters on each wheel. Now you can play with sentences you like and set up the code.

Example: Nice Little Orange Octopus = NLOO in the code :).

We can change knobs from letters to numbers.

In the future we may have both sides knobs. Letters on one side and numbers on the other.

This padlock has all security features the same as 10 000 000 one.

4×15 combo version of PCL with letters

Cheers, Zbigniew

Most secure padlock ever created? New worldwide decoding challenge.

Here you can watch my new video showing 10 000 000 combinations padlock.

Most secure padlock ever created?

This prototype is ready for next decoding challenge. I claim that this padlock cannot be decoded even with laser not mention standard free hand methods.

I would like to announce next round of worldwide decoding challenge. The rules are the same as before. I count on Swynndla to take the challenge (he has priority) as he was the winner of first edition.

Please let me know Swynndla and I will send you this padlock for your attempt and review. You will have full 7 days to open this 10 000 000 combinations padlock :).



10 000 000 combinations padlock ready for testing

Today I have received the last model of my unique Polish Combination Padlock. It has been printed at Warsaw University of Technology in Rapid Prototyping Laboratory on Formiga P100 SLS printer.

Here is first picture of this 10 000 000 combinations padlock.

10 000 000 combo Polish Combination Padlock
Disassembled Polish Combination Padlock with 10 000 000 combinations.

I need to adjust all details now to make them work smooth and it will be ready for testing.

After assembly I realized that this padlock is super complicated and very difficult to operate as you need to allign all 7 wheels. I think this is maximum security level (not necessary good for padlock) and next variants whould have less wheels. Nevertheless I made this one to proof that 7 wheels are possible to made.

The body of the padlock is very compact but massive and allow to use different shackles up to 14mm thickness. Current one has 10mm.

The numbers are very badly visible and need to be painted but are too small (concave) to do it correctly so I need to leave them as they are for testing. For sure the metal version must have super visible numbers.

The open/close knob is very tiny comparing to last models and this will complicate the operation and decoding as well. I think the user will use this just in case of opening/closing but attacker will have real pain to operate many times such a small knob.

I will make soon next video to show you this super secure padlock with all protection features inside incl. neodymium magnets.



PCL protected against all known decoding methods.

Hello, you can watch this short video explaining how Polish Combination Lock will be protected against all known decoding methods (laser and cardboard).

PCL protected against all known decoding methods.

I hope you enjoy it as I am and you understand the mechanism and this protection.

best regards


Final design of Polish Combination Lock

Hello, today I found finally the way to protect the mechanism against laser or cardboard decoding attack.

You can see below the mechanism that will be use in the first full metal prototype of my Polish Combination Lock. It will be inside 10 000 000 combo padlock (7×10 numbers).

Neodymium magnets protect the machanism against all known possible attacks.

There will be two neodymium small cylinder magnets mounted inside the mechanism. They will work as an magnetic force joint between red wheel and green shaft. The red wheel will be not fixed with green shaft with the thread.

First one 4mm in diameter and 5mm height will be placed inside the central open/close shaft (green).

Second one with 3mm in diameter and 3mm height will be placed inside the new designed wheel (red one) half gear , half cylinder.

Both magnets will work together during normal operation however when you will try to use some extra force i.e. during the decoding attack they will dissconnect or misslead the attacker and the open/close shaft will rotate freely 360 degree. They will start dissconnect slowly so the laser method will show inconsistent results. This solution eliminate any rubber need or super accurate machine tollerances inside the gates.

This small mod solve in my opinion all potential decoding known attacks and make this mechanism top-notch secure.

Sometimes small things solving big problems!

Cheers Zbigniew

Swynndla has made his video on small PCL padlock.

Hello, Swynndla has made his video on decoding my PCL combination padlock, small version. Here is his video on decoding this padlock.

I am very glad to hear that the PCL mechanism is working smooth and easy. He decoded sucessfuly this small padlock as expected. Swynndla used reference cardboard sheet which is ok in this case. This model is not so secure as the metal version will be beacause there are big gaps and bad tollerances due to 3D printer limits. Nevertheless user experience feedback is very important here.

The second important feedback from all decoding attemp is that we know now what should be improved to eliminate laser or cardboard method of decoding. All those adjustments will be apply in full metal version.

Swynndla will make some new decoding experiments with black version and we will see soon if he can eliminate “the stair” effect which enable laser or cardboard method to work here. The secret is to use teflon plumbing tape and to eliminate unnecessary gaps between the internal wheelpack with the gates.

I expect that if Swynndla will eliminate “the Stair” effect using this teflon tape. Than he would not be able to decode using those two methods. It must be confirmed and this feedback is very crucial for further full metal development.

I have asked him to make such a experiment. I like his creativity and helpfull attitude to my project. I am quite sure that this long jurney is necessary in order to produce best combination mechanism.

Thank you Swynndla for your feedback. For me this is the only way to objectively test without my personal emotional engagement.

New reviews of Polish Cmbination Lock are coming.

Hello, HelpfulLockPicker will publish his review of my Polish Combination Lock on Wednesday 28.08.2019. Please stay tuned and watch his channel.

Swynndla will make new review of PCL small padlock in coming days. The lock finally has arrived to New Zealand. Please watch his channel as well.

Interesting next two weeks are coming. 🙂

10 000 000 combinations new setup

I am considering new setup 7 wheels but only 0-9 (ten numbers) on each knob. This padlock have 10 000 000 unique combinations. The body size is 60mm width x 35mm depth and 100 mm high. It is now ready for production. I need your support to start first metal version. Please donate any funds counts.

Here is how the heart on this mechanism would look like:

10 000 000 combination setup
10 000 000 combinations setup

Here is the front view of newest padlock with 10mm shackle.

10 000 000 combinations front view of padlock with 10 mm closed shackle. It could have up to 14mm in the same body.
10 000 000 combinations front view of padlock with 10 mm closed shackle. It could have up to 14mm shackle in the same body.

Here is back view of the newest padlock with 10mm shackle.

10 000 000 combinations back view of padlock with 10 mm closed shackle. It could have up to 14mm in the same body.
10 000 000 combinations back view of padlock with 10 mm closed shackle. It could have up to 14mm shackle in the same body.