3D Model Prototype

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the final production version the mechanism must be protected against drilling by adding anti-drill discs inside the mechanism covering the internal wheels.

Ready for production small padlock printed on Formiga P100 printer in Warsaw University of Technology in Rapid Prototyping Laboratory.
This 3D model was printed on Formiga P100 SLS printer with PA2200 polyamid technology. It has been printed in Warsaw University of Technology in Rapid Prototyping Laboratory.

Hello, thanks to one of the Polish 3D printing Company I make step forward towards presenting first 3D model of my new lock mechanism Polish Combination Lock. It is inside padlock just to show how it works. This first printed worldwide model is fully functional and working fine, printed just on FDM technology. Next model will be printed on SLS and then I will make video to present and explain all details to you based on full 3D model and real presentation. This padlock has 3.2 milion unique combinations! Of course in the end this mechanism will be mounted in safe doors and other high security places, padlock is just as an example to show you the idea how my unique locking mechanism works.

This is picture of first worldwide 3D model of my Polish Combination Lock mechanism inside padlock. This is printed on 3D FDM printer. You can see the OPEN Condition above.
This is front view. The printout is not perfect due to FDM limitations but working fine. Next model will be printed on SLS precision 3D printer soon.

First 3D prototype video (RAW version)

This is first 3D prototype (bigger version printed on 3D printer)

Assembly, disassembly and operation instruction

Part 1 – disassembly & operate
Part 2 –  assembly