PCL Working Principia

Polish Combination Lock (PCL) is based on two main working principia based on separation between the tension from combination wheels and Actuator unable to guess the correct code by manipulating under tension.
Two main working principia are:

  1. You can change the combination only when you do not apply any tension on the combination wheels during opening phase.
  2. When you apply false combination and tension you cannot change the combination at the same time.

Those two main working principia unable to crack PCL by guessing the correct code under tension or by playing with the combination wheels.
In practice it means : If you like to guess the correct code you need to check all possible combinations one-by-one. It can takes many years to do it depends on complication setup.

Below the picture of the PCL inside padlock body (just to demonstrate the building parts) with 4 wheels and 20 numbers on each wheel (very small padlock). The real commercial shape and size is available to see on proper page.

  • PCL can by use in: residential doors, safes, treasure doors, padlocks etc.