Combination Lock – introduction

Today is great day to present new combination lock.

Welcome to my official internet site from Poland. I am the owner of this site and the inventor and owner of the brand new and unique lock mechanism I called Polish Combination Lock (PCL). This is the place where you can find all basic information about this new combination lock mechanism. This combination lock is in my opinion the most secure and 100% mechanical mechanism ever created. You can watch my presentations here in the “video presentations” section or directly on my YouTube channel. I am explaining in a few videos my new approach and the unique construction of the PCL mechanism.

I organized the worldwide decoding challenge in order to prove the highest level of security. You can find more info here: THE WORLDWIDE CHALLENGE!

This solution is under Copyright and if you are interested to copy it or use part or entire solution you should obtain written permission from me.

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Below is an example of the padlock with PCL mechanism mounted inside.

Polish Combination Padlock

More video you can find : Video Presentations

I am looking now for any Investor or any Company to cooperate and to start  production of this amazing solution. If there will be no such a cooperation I will start soon my own e-shop. You will find there best in class padlock equipped with PCL.

Please share this information as broadly as possible among all your friends we can change the world together and make it much more secure to live. 

I believe that my new lock mechanism will open new chapter in the world security and people start to use it worldwide. Thanks to your donation I will be able to produce full metal prototype soon and offer it to you as best in class combination lock.

This first model that will be as very solid padlock.

Combination Lock
Combination Lock Front
Combination Lock Back
Combination Lock Back

Best regards,

Zbigniew Olejnik

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