DOWNLOAD original 3D STL model

Here you can download all (STL) files in order to print on your own 3D printer my new locking mechanism: Polish Combination Lock.  Please donate any money you think is appropriate for this to my PayPal account.  This is 1:1 model shown on my video with updated knobs to better operation. Please visit my YouTube channel for more information and to learn how to operate it correctly.

New Prototype STL Files below:

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The Polish Combination Lock with installed Clicker

Below you can find latest design of 4×10 numbers padlock ready for CNC process.

The Housing, Back Plate and 8mm Shackle should be produce from Steel, the Open Close from Aluminium and the rest from Brass.

3D STEP files ready for CNC below.

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In real model you need to replace C-CLIP with Seeger external mounting ring no 5 and use 3mm steel rod as PINS (not included).

After testing small padlock I made modification that you can download here:

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Here is the highly secure housing:

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the final production version the mechanism must be protected against drilling by adding anty-drill discs inside the mechanism covering the internal wheels. The shackle could be open or close for maximum security.

Donation for further development:

Ready for production small padlock printed on Formiga P100 printer in Warsaw University of Technology in Rapid Prototyping Laboratory.

Donation for further development:

All models can be use only for your private testing purpose not commercial use.


Thank you.