PCL Unique Features

Polish Combination Lock (PCL) unique features are:

  • Complete separation between Combination mechanism movement and Opening mechanism movement (no physical touch in close state – air gap marked red arrow below). The attacker can rotate 360 degree all knobs without the chance to “fill” the mechanism and to crack it.

  • You can set up combination only if you do not try to open at the same time
  • If you try to open then you can’t change the combination at the same time
  • You can try only one combination at the same time
  • Secure Close and Secure Open position possible (picture below – the arrows indicate secure open and secure close position, it can be right or left oriented)

  • Full range of possible combinations = You can set i.e. all the same numbers
  • Combination change  if needed.
  • Unlimited numbers of combination wheels = maximum security
  • Flexible number of possible combinations on each wheel (it could be i.e. 20 or 100 numbers per wheel)
  • Unique actuator design depends on application: padlock, safe lock, door lock
  • Padlock can be fully assembly and disassembly without tools and easy to maintenance
  • No springs in the mechanism – important feature – long lasting mechanism
  • In the final production version the mechanism must be protected against drilling by adding anty-drill discs inside the mechanism covering the internal wheels

Main benefits for users:

  • PCL is truly secure lock – cannot be „crack” without correct code.
  • PCL has  simple and reliable construction. 
  • PCL has no springs or other parts that can be broken over time.
  • Padlock with PCL can be assemble and disassemble without tools.
  • PCL is very easy to service and maintenance.
  • PCL is very simple to operate both left or right direction.
  • PCL has secure Open and Secure Close position.
  • PCL can be open almost as fast as using standard keys in normal locks and much faster than other standard combination locks.
  • PCL has flexible complication setup and combination setup.
  • PCL can have plenty of unique combinations i.e.  500 billion unique combinations depends on layout and complication setup.
  • PCL can have lifetime guarantee.

Open padlock back view without back plate:

Below example of the PCL mechanism with 312 000 000 unique combinations. This mechanism has 5 combination wheels with 50 numbers on each wheel and different design of user decoding knobs.

There is different layout possible using the same working principia.
I will show you 500 billion combination mechanism later.
This lock mechanism is fully scalable.