Piggy bank safe for children.

Here you can download STL files for unique safe toy for kids. You can print it for your own use. This is an example of use of the Polish Combination Lock mounted on door in piggy bank safe. If you like it please donate any funds for future development of my locks using PayPal link please:

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Best and most secure safe for Kids toy with 3.2 milion combo lock.

If you like this piggy bank safe, please watch video here to understand how this combination lock works. This 3D model could be printed from PLA or ABS. The tolerances allow you to easy assembly it and you can set up your own combination code. You can find more models on Thingverse.com under polishlocks search tag. If you are interested in the coming new projects please subscribe my YouTube channel and please share this site with your friends. Please do not forget to donate any funds if you like my projects.