Unpickable Pin Tumbler Lock

In this section you can read about my modification to standard Pin Tumbler Lock.

Modification (variant A)

Hello today is 10 FEB 2019 and I made new video and present you new modifications to standard Pin Tumbler Lock in order to make it much more difficult to pick.

Another modification (variant B) below.

Hello, today 29.JAN.2019 I decided to publish my latest invention. Unpickable pin tumbler lock. This is crucial and important improvement over standard pin tumbler mechanism. I added few new components making this famous mechanism fully unpickable in my opinion.

Those two are: Manual Pin Lifter and All Pins push plate. They are working together. Now in order to open the lock you need to slide in the key pushing the main pin in the bottom of the plus and the same time manual lift all pind towards key using Pin Lifter.

Those combination prevents to standard lock picking procedure. Now you can watch my video where I explain all details.

Few remarks: This design presented on video is the simplest upgrade to standard pin tumbler mechanism. i didn’t concentrate on design and final look but rather to explain working principia of my upgrade, benefits and correct operation. Please keep in mind that the final version could be different. As Potti314 already pointed that bottom springs are not necessary etc. The shape of keyway could be different as well etc. Please consider this presentation as rough and not pay too much attention to design. The basic working procedure is correct.

How to protect against simple reverse picking by pushing the key pins down?

There is very simple solution to protect this mechanism against such a attack:
I have checked this, it is really easy to design this mechanism in such a way that pushing the key pin from inside down will be possible but not below the shear line level so you will not be able to open it. This is possible if the key pin movement is not the same up and down. The space to move down will be not enough to align key pins with the shear line. It will be possible only by moving pins up by manual pins lifter. The presence of springs no matter here.

Below solution for reverse picking method: Please consider that red pins could be made from neodymium magnets and blue from steel. The key is from brass and the plug and case as well. Please notice that final configuration could be different like: magnets only in slot 2 and 4 and some red pins from brass and steel. The keyway could be different as well and the shape of the key like normal one etc.

Rest state: yellow-neodymium magnet 3x6mm, red and blue steel pins.
Open state: yellow-neodymium magnet 3x6mm, red and blue steel pins.
Maximum lift up state: yellow-neodymium magnet 3x6mm, red and blue steel pins.

Maximum lift up state: yellow-neodymium magnet 3x6mm, red and blue steel pins.
Anti Pick Pin on first slot (no spring below, rigid connection with driver anti pick pin) During lift it block keyway.

Both English and Polish versions available below and on my YouTube channel.

All modifications has full Copyrights. I am the only owner of the modifications so if you like to produce it please contact me directly first: polishlocks@tlen.pl