Hello, as you notice I have first prototype of my Polish Combination Lock mechanism 3D printed and inserted in padlock. 

I claim that this is  100% uncrackable mechanism and there is no one around the world that will be able to open it without any tools to damage or destroy it.

I can send you on my own cost this 3D printed padlock from my video for real review and show it on your YouTube Channel. Then after review you should send it back to me for next attempt from next person. You can only manipulate and not destroy or defect the mechanism by any tool just use your skills and fingers.

The try should be within one week from receiving my package. You should make real and honest review and you should confirm that you open it by showing this in front of camera, you are not allowed in case you succeed to change the code setting by me prior to send it to you.

The rules of this CHELLENGE summary:

  1. You need to have your own YouTube Channel and minimum 5 000 Subscribers. (I have only one prototype to send therefore I need well recognised people).
  2. You send me by e-mail request for this Challenge, my e-mail is
  3. In your request please send me the address for delivery and your YT channel link for verification that you are really you ;). In order to do it you should after my approval of your request mention on your channel that you will participate in this Challenge.
  4. After this confirmation I will on my own cost send you this lock for your review and attempt to open it.
  5. You should make and publish your review video  in one week after receiving it. This is the time you can play with it and try to open. 
  6. During all time you have it you should not damage it or destroy or use any tool that can damage it, this is important because I like to use it few times for this Challenge. Please do not use too much force this is just plastic model and can be broken.
  7. If you will not be able to open it you will request by e-mail the correct combination and I will send you the correct code to let you open it and make review which must be honest. The correct code will be publish as well here on this page.
  8. After you finish and publish your video you will send it back to me for next review, the code must be the same as set by me before sending to you.
  9. After receiving it back I will approve next request for this Challenge. 
  10. All approved participants will be announced on my page and my YT channel and just I will publish the link to participant YouTube Channel, no personal data of course.
  11. The Challenge is worldwide and everyone who agree with those conditions is more than welcome. 
  12. Final HINT: Do not pay too much attention to publish 3D model , I have multiple sets of wheels with different deep cuts gates so you should not rely only on CAD analysis but rather on your real skills.

If you have any questions just send me an e-mail.

The list of accepted participants:

  1. Potti314 from this YouTube channel:

The Challenge will begin soon…… Regardless of the outcome Potti314 will make a video on his channel with his honest review of Polish Combination Lock mechanism.

Date schedule of first Challenge:

27.DEC.2019 – The package sent to Potti314

Preliminary video:

02.JAN.2019 – The package is delivered to Potti314, the 7 days Challenge begins.

03.JAN.2019Potti314 suggests to add clicker for better operation, it is now added in download section. This is very important upgrade for easier operation, clicker is stopping all wheels while you turn only one (easier way to set up the code).

Part 2 of Potti314 Challenge video here:

03.JAN.2019 just few minutes ago (18:38) Potti314 asked for correct code. This Challenge is over. Thank you Potti314 very much for your attempt to open my lock mechanism. You are great and as first one you had most difficult start position.

Time to finish the Challenge:  DONE

Outcome: The lock is NOT DECODED.

Correct code: 15, 8, 12, 7, 16

04.JAN.2019 Potti314 makes final video – disassembly, review and final remarks, you can watch it here:

Thank you Potti314 for great job and your time!

The lock is now on its way back home. i will change the code and send it to LockTube soon.

10.JAN.2019 it is in Poland now should be delivered soon…..

14.JAN.2019 Still not delivered by DHL

15.JAN.2019 Lock arrived today is now repack and new code is set. Tomorrow will be delivered to LockTube for next decoding attempt.

2. LockTube from this YouTube channel:

Status: 15. JAN. 2019 Lock is now ready to go to LockTube, today UPS will pick it from me and tomorrow it will be delivered to LockTube and new decoding challenge will begin.

16.JAN.2019 The Padlock has been delivered to LockTube now. (17:30) the Challenge begins.

First video from LockTube is here: Unboxing and first impression.

20. JAN.2019 Next video from LockTube explaining the possible decoding options. Lock is not decoded yet, the Challenge is going on. Thank you LockTube for great attempt so far and valid remarks. I wish you still good luck with decoding.

23.JAN.2019 just few minutes ago (14:44) LockTube asked for correct code. This Challenge is over. Thank you LockTube very much for your attempt to open my lock mechanism. You are great and your review is awesome.

Time to finish the Challenge:  DONE

Outcome: The lock is NOT DECODED.

Correct code: 7, 20, 6, 15, 16