If you are interested to start the co-operation with me please contact me directly at:

I am looking for any serious companies and private investors around the world to further development of this new project and to make it real product for all people.

I believe that this PCL lock mechanism can change the current security status quo and to offer to people highest possible level od security. This Polish Combination Lock can be used in padlocks or small applications as well as in our residential front doors to secure us at maximum possible level. This lock is so simple in the construction and operation that everyone can use it. No more keys needed or risks associated with standard keys or smart locks with electronics that can be potentially bypassed. If you like smart technology, PCL could be additionally upgrade with modern technology to inform us if someone is trying to crack it. This site is focused only on the mechanical heart of this mechanism and to show how it works.

If you like my new lock mechanism and you like to speed up the whole project, please donate any amount of money I will use it to build prototype and to start production and further research. It seems that this lock is perfect on paper and now it should be build as prototype and check in real life prior to make it available widely on the market. It is quite easy for someone who has proper machinery l to produce such a lock as prototype and to test it especially as padlock or residential door lock. I do not have machines to produce it and therefore I need funds for further steps.

If you like to produce prototype please contact me directly. I have .step files ready to send you if you have proper machinery (CNC, Lathe) to produce prototype. Those .step files can be good start for fine tuning of this project.  There is padlock with 5 wheels total 3.2Million !!!  unique combinations. 

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Thank you very much

Zbigniew Olejnik

The owner of the Polish Combination Lock (PCL).