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Welcome  is our video presentations section of Polish Combination Lock.

I strongly recommend you to watch all my videos in logic sequence, explaining the PCL lock mechanism in details. This is the most important part of this web page with all necessary details to understand how it works and why it is so secure and unique.

Please check also Polish Combination Lock working principia here.

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Ready for production small padlock printed on Formiga P100 printer in Warsaw University of Technology in Rapid Prototyping Laboratory.


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Video 1 – Introduction – Here you can discover the genesis of this project. (Sorry for sound quality it has been first time recorded)

Video 2 – Presentation – Here you can discover the unique design and working principia of the PCL.
Video 3 – CAD Presentation – Here is shown  how it works.
Video 4 – CAD Presentation – Here you can discover how to disassembly the PCL Padlock.

Video 5 – CAD Presentation – Here you can discover how to assembly the PCL.
Video 6 – CAD Presentation – Here is the information about each part and how to change the combination.

If you don’t have time to watch all videos please watch Summary.

Video 7 – CAD Presentation – Summary

Video 8 – PCL in any doors (residential, safe, bank, army etc.)

This short video explain the basic working principia of the PCL mounted in any doors (secure open and secure close position)

New Video just added 05.09.2018

Some fun: The Swinging Sticks 100cm

The Swinging Sticks 100 cm