About me

Hello World!

My name is Zbigniew Olejnik and I am the owner of polishlocks.com and the brand new mechanism I called Polish Combination Lock (PCL).

I am 49 years old and I am an engineer living in Warsaw, Poland.

I have invented and created brand new lock mechanism called Polish Combination Lock (PCL).

This brand new 100% mechanical lock is extremely secure.

It is not possible to open it without entering correct combination or destroying.

It is protected against any known guessing methods and allow to check only one combination at the time. It has many unique features. Please read on proper page.

I am the owner of the Polish Combination Lock and have all Copyrights to this design and the working principia.

If you are ready for cooperation with me please contact me directly: polishlocks@tlen.pl

If you like my new lock mechanism please donate any amount of money, I will use it to build prototype and to start production and further research.

Please use this PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/ZbigniewOlejnik

Thank you very much

Best regards,


Warsaw, Poland