Swynndla has made his video on small PCL padlock.

Hello, Swynndla has made his video on decoding my PCL combination padlock, small version. Here is his video on decoding this padlock.

I am very glad to hear that the PCL mechanism is working smooth and easy. He decoded sucessfuly this small padlock as expected. Swynndla used reference cardboard sheet which is ok in this case. This model is not so secure as the metal version will be beacause there are big gaps and bad tollerances due to 3D printer limits. Nevertheless user experience feedback is very important here.

The second important feedback from all decoding attemp is that we know now what should be improved to eliminate laser or cardboard method of decoding. All those adjustments will be apply in full metal version.

Swynndla will make some new decoding experiments with black version and we will see soon if he can eliminate “the stair” effect which enable laser or cardboard method to work here. The secret is to use teflon plumbing tape and to eliminate unnecessary gaps between the internal wheelpack with the gates.

I expect that if Swynndla will eliminate “the Stair” effect using this teflon tape. Than he would not be able to decode using those two methods. It must be confirmed and this feedback is very crucial for further full metal development.

I have asked him to make such a experiment. I like his creativity and helpfull attitude to my project. I am quite sure that this long jurney is necessary in order to produce best combination mechanism.

Thank you Swynndla for your feedback. For me this is the only way to objectively test without my personal emotional engagement.

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