Small combination padlock goes to Swynndla.

Hello , this time small combination padlock with Polish Combination Lock mechanism inside is going to Swynndla for next review. This small padlock has very similar construction to previous lock however it works very smooth. You do not need any force to rotate the knobs and almost zero force needed to open it. It will be nice to see Swynndla opening this small padlock. It has in theory only 10 000 combinations but here due to 3D print limitations is only 1250 possible combinations therefore it is quite easy to open even going one by one.

small combination padlock
Small combination padlock
Small combination padlock presentation

Swynndla however will not go “brute force” but as in previous lock he would like to find the way to decode it. This is not 7 days challenge rather I asked Swynndla to do everything in front of camera since he unpack the lock till the final opening. In theory he should open it in less than one hour by going all possible combinations. I hope he will show his attempt and share his video with us.

The goal for me from Swynndla next review is to find out how ease is to operate this padlock. User experience of holding it and operate is the key for me to understand if anything should be improved here. Of course the numbers in metal version will be much more visible here the visibility is rather limited. This is no issue for me now. The most important is ease of operation and overall feedback. I hope Swynndla will like it as comparing to previous model this one operates without any force needed.

This small padlock has Seeger mounting ring (steel one) inside instead of the nut. This means Swynndla will not be able to change the code after opening it while special tool is needed to remove so small Seeger from the central shaft. Therefore fun is only one time game for him. I am very much interesting to see his impression about this small padlock and most important the user experience from operation, it will be all time pleasure because everything is working there without any special force needed.

This review would give me additional hints towards full metal prototype.

Current metal project assume that first full metal padlock will have 10 x7 knobs = 10 000 000 true combinations (each knob could be rotated 10 times to change the code).

I think that this time laser method will not works because of the size of this padlock but we will see soon what Swynndla will do with it.

Finally I have added some final words in my Next Step article:

Final Word added in the end – please read and draw your own conclusion.

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