Second round of worldwide challenge is over.

Hello, our second worldwide attempt to open my Polish Combination Lock within 7 days is over now. LockTube asked for correct code few hours before end time. I would like to thank LockTube for wonderful review and big effort to decode my lock. After those two attempts so far done by one of the best experts in lock opening I am looking for next participant. There is one gentlemen Jeff Sitar from USA that I would like to contact in order to test my solution.

Here is an article about him:

Here is video inspired me:

Everything started when I had watched his video how he opens all possible safe combination locks within minutes even in bank treasury doors. This impressed me and inspired me to design Polish Combination Lock mechanism. If you read this and you have contact to Jeff or you live in US and you can help me to contact him directly it would be great.

I have already contacted with most famous lock picking experts in USA but they said that they are not experts in safe cracking lock mechanism.

Here once again many thanks to Potti314 and LockTube for they attempts to open my lock. I appreciate they effort and valid feedback a lot. Thank you very much.

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