Possible protection against force attack.

Hello we have discussion in Poland about my new mechanism and the way to protect it against force attack. We have preliminary conclusion after first and second decoding challenge that this mechanism is good enough to resist fast decoding and it takes long time for eventual success. Therefore we started discussion how to protect it against simple force attack. One of Polish YouTuber (Mr Łukasz) suggests such a solution:

Let’s weaken all external parts in such a way that after force attack like hammer attack or twist the entire external mechanism will be cut off from the body of the padlock. It means that after force attack the padlock could looks like below:

This will protect entire internal mechanism and unable to access it. It is quite easy to implement this “anti force ” solution incising all external parts to proper strength. After force attack there will be no access to internal mechanism. Moreover there will be anti-drill disks and the entire internal mechanism will be packed like “sandwich” between those disks protecting the mechanism against drilling.

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