Polish Pin Tumbler Lock

Hello I made new video with all details and answer Why this is unpickable lock?

Anti Pick Pin added on first slot. There is rigid connection with driver pin. When you push the lifter button the first anti pick pin is blocking entire keyway unable the free access to the rest of pins. This is additional security level. Depends on desire security level it could be more than one anti pick pin.

Please consider that red pins could be made from neodymium magnets and blue from steel (the red part could be divided 50% upper part steel as well and 50% lower part neodymium magnet). The key is from brass and the plug and case as well. The pins could have different shapes as well. Yellow neodymium magnets 3x6mm, red and blue steel pins. Important remark: Only few selected slots with magnets like second and 4th etc. Red could be brass pins as well.

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