Safe Toy for children with 3.2 million combo lock

Hello, today I decided to install my uncrackable Polish Combination Lock inside small toy for kids. This safe is now available for download. You can print it for your kid but not for commercial use. I will put it on as well. There will be soon video on my YT channel with some instruction how to use it correctly. Enjoy!

Most Secure Safe for Kids Toy – 3.2 million combinations

Second round of worldwide challenge is over.

Hello, our second worldwide attempt to open my Polish Combination Lock within 7 days is over now. LockTube asked for correct code few hours before end time. I would like to thank LockTube for wonderful review and big effort to decode my lock. After those two attempts so far done by one of the best experts in lock opening I am looking for next participant. There is one gentlemen Jeff Sitar from USA that I would like to contact in order to test my solution.

Here is an article about him:

Here is video inspired me:

Everything started when I had watched his video how he opens all possible safe combination locks within minutes even in bank treasury doors. This impressed me and inspired me to design Polish Combination Lock mechanism. If you read this and you have contact to Jeff or you live in US and you can help me to contact him directly it would be great.

I have already contacted with most famous lock picking experts in USA but they said that they are not experts in safe cracking lock mechanism.

Here once again many thanks to Potti314 and LockTube for they attempts to open my lock. I appreciate they effort and valid feedback a lot. Thank you very much.

New upgrade to STL model in download section.

Hello I just added small but very nice upgrade to my model. This small addon pointed in red arrow below allow to smooth closing operation. Now the Actuator will always slide into the hole inside housing. You can download new STL files from download section.

NOTICE: Now when you assemble this mechanism you need to stack all internal wheels together , align all teeth and take this marked part between the teeth while inserting all wheels into housing.

Possible protection against force attack.

Hello we have discussion in Poland about my new mechanism and the way to protect it against force attack. We have preliminary conclusion after first and second decoding challenge that this mechanism is good enough to resist fast decoding and it takes long time for eventual success. Therefore we started discussion how to protect it against simple force attack. One of Polish YouTuber (Mr Łukasz) suggests such a solution:

Let’s weaken all external parts in such a way that after force attack like hammer attack or twist the entire external mechanism will be cut off from the body of the padlock. It means that after force attack the padlock could looks like below:

This will protect entire internal mechanism and unable to access it. It is quite easy to implement this “anti force ” solution incising all external parts to proper strength. After force attack there will be no access to internal mechanism. Moreover there will be anti-drill disks and the entire internal mechanism will be packed like “sandwich” between those disks protecting the mechanism against drilling.

Commercial Look with closed shackle

Here is my latest design of this small padlock with 10 000 combinations inside very secure housing protecting shackle. It is made from steel brass and aluminium. The shackle has 8mm as presented on my video.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the final production version the mechanism must be protected against drilling by adding anti-drill discs inside the mechanism covering the internal wheels

Example of possible commercial look.

Donation for further development.

Hello if you think that this lock mechanism is worth further development and you like to see metal model 100% as production one, I need to ask you for donation any funds you can using this link here:

I will not print anymore 3D models (it cost me real money) rather I like to go step further and to make first fully metal production unit for testing and certification. This would be possible only when I will collect some funds from you.

New MOD added to download page

Hello I have just added some modifications to my small padlock design. Those mods are available on download page. Main reason to add this mod is to improve the operation between the Actuator and the Open Close knob. There is much better grip between gears and there is new Dead Bolt and Washer as well. Those are STEP files for CNC rather that for FDM printing because of small tolerances. You can however scale and enlarge this model for PLA printer.

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the final production version the mechanism must be protected against drilling by adding anti-drill discs inside the mechanism covering the internal wheels