The global decoding challenge began in New Zealand.

The Polish Combination Lock has been delivered to Swynndla.

He made his first video:

Next round of worldwide decoding challenge just started. Swynndla has now 7 days for his decoding attempt. Good luck!

More information about global decoding challenge you can find here:

Please help Swynndla if you have any idea how to decode my combination lock. You can write your comments under his video.

Metal version of Polish Combination Lock

I am working now on full metal version of my Polish Combination Lock mechanism. Here is first concept visualisation. 4×15 code complication, 80x60x30mm body. More details will come soon. Still waiting for some feedbacks before final design.

Metal version of Polish Combination Lock
Metal version with closed 10mm shackle

PCL combination lock is now in USA.

Polish Combination Lock (white version) is now in USA and HelpfulLockPicker just received it. He will made his review very soon. HelpfulLockPicker is not participating in worldwide challenge. He received also the correct code in the closed envelope so he can play with my lock and then open it and show the inside. I would like to thank him for supporting me with his review and I am sure it will help to share this information and increase visibility of this unique mechanism.

Combination Lock sent to USA.

Please do not pay too much attention to current design. Concentrate rather on mechanism and pros and cons about PCL combination lock mechanism.

Please visit my YouTube channel or watch more here.

Polish Combination Lock just arrived to New Zealand.

Polish Combination Lock will be soon converted from printed 3D model to full metal production version. Please share this information widely.

Polish Combination Lock is now delivered to New Zealand, Swynndla should receive it very soon and next round of the challenge will start. HelpfulLockPicker (USA) should receive PCL as well very soon and his review we will watch very soon too.

I am very close to start 100% full metal prototype it is possible maybe next month depends on funding. If you like to see it very soon please donate any funds by clicking on green mark on the right side. After first production I will send metal version for review, certification and then I will start mass production. Polish Combination Lock will be available as the padlock with close 10mm shackle and will be soon in my e-shop. I will ship it worldwide. The e-shop will be available soon. Stay in touch and share it widely please among your friends. People who donate and contribute to this development will have priority to purchase this unique padlock.

Moreover all people who donate more than 100PLN or 30USD or 25EUR or 20GBP would have personal engravings on the body and my signature and the rest of people who donate less funds will have nice discounts as well.

The final price of this padlock will be set after certification and initial production.

The first production will be very limited because the mechanism will be produced with extra precision and very small tolerances +-0.01mm. I cannot tell you more at this moment. This will be the most secure combination padlock ever created in my opinion. You can subscribe my YouTube channel to be notified when the new padlock with Polish Combination Lock will be available. The operation will be smooth and easy and the precision will be incredible. The size of the padlock would be most probably around 80x60x30mm. It will be very similar to this image but it will have most probably 15 numbers per knob:

Polish Combination Lock
Combination Lock

Polish Combination Lock – statistics

Hello, I would like to thank you very much for your interest in my unique Polish Combination Lock mechanism. There are almost 30 000 unique visits so far here on my web page.

Here is the world map with all those countries marked (blue). Please share my web page with your friends. Please check my YouTube channel and subscribe.

Polish Combination Lock world-wide visibility
Over 30 000 unique visitors from over 112 countries explored my web page

If you like my Polish Combination Lock please donate any founds for further development: or click on right green box.

Check nice piggy bank for your child here.

Pre-review video from Swynndla (New Zealand)

Hello, just few moments ago Swynndla has published wonderful pre-review video of my Polish Combination Lock. I like this video very much and the energy and hope to decode my lock by Swynndla presented there. Good Luck!

Swynndla is going to decode it soon and now he has asked people around the globe to share with him any ideas how to approach it. Please help Swynndla with your ideas. This is very important to test as many ways as possible to be sure that this mechanism is so secure as I think it is. I would like to thank Potti314 for his contribution and wonderful explanation of the mechanism and disassembly process.

Please do not pay to much attention to design this is just basic example. Please concentrate rather on mechanism itself and the working principia which is very unique. The body design and the final shape could be completely different because this mechanism is highly scalable. I am sure Swynndla will make wonderful next review video so please stay in touch.

Polish Combination Lock has been sent to New Zealand and USA.

Today 17 June 2019 PCL has been sent to Swynndla to New Zealand. We are waiting for new video coming soon on Swynndla channel (Pre-review).

I also want to thank HelpfulLockPicker from the USA (here is his channel: for making a review of my lock. HelpfulLockPicker does not take part in the decoding challenge, however, he agreed to review my lock. I sent HelpfulLockPicker today my lock (white version, this one: ) for review. He can play with it and have already the correct code inside the envelope for review. This is great help from him to make it visible on the market. I would like to ask also LockPickingLawyer later for such a review without participation in decoding challenge. This is important to show to people new mechanism and to make it visible on the market.

Next decoding challenge request from New Zealand.

Hello today 14 June 2019 I have finally received my lock back from Priyer. Meantime there is no contact with him so I do not know what is going on with him now. I hope he is ok and will publish his review soon.

Now, I like to welcome new participant Swynndla from New Zealand. He is very good in opening combination locks presented on his channel here:

Now I will prepare new combination set up and will send my Polish Combination Lock to Swynndla on Monday. I hope he will enjoy decoding my mechanism and he will make nice video from the try as well with final review.

Next worldwide decoding challenge will start soon. Lets stay in touch.

Priyer’s final review. Update 10.06.2019

Due to his illness, Priyer could not perform the Polish Combination Lock evaluation video earlier and present his results. Now he is healthy and promised to publish the review video in coming days. I wish him all the best and a lot of health.

UPDATE as of 10 June 2019. Nothing , no contact from Priyer. What is going on? No idea. We can only wait until he will respond somehow.

UPDATE as of 03 June 2019. Still nothing, no contact with Priyer, very strange I hope he will make the final review and send my lock back.

UPDATE as of 25 May 2019. I do not know what is going on with Priyer now, no contact. I have sent many e-mails with request for information why he didn’t made the final review of my Polish Combination Lock yet and how he is feeling now. I have no idea, no info back what is going on and why he didn’t reply. Still waiting for his final review and my lock to be send back to me. Without my lock I cannot continue this challenge so I hope Priyer is ok and will send it back to me soon.

If you have any contact with him please ask him what is going on. Thank you.

We are waiting for Priyer’s final review.

Hello , we are still waiting for the final review Priyer should do. I hope he can do it soon (we certainly waiting now too long) and I will be able then to announce next participant.

I hope Priyer can send back my lock ASAP after final video will be made.