PCL Opening animation with optional central lock.

PCL opening animation with optional central lock.

  1. Enter the key (in this stage all wheels are blocked)
  2. Rotate key conterclockwise (rise Actuator)
  3. Set the correct code
  4. Rotate the key clockwise (Actuator is going down)
  5. Rotate whole wheel pack clockwise
  6. Remove the shackle

Maximum possible security level build in PCL.

Here is maximum security version of Polish Combination Lock.

Metal version with key.
Anti-drilling parts in green.
All green parts will be made from hardened steel
All green parts will be made from hardened steel
All green parts will be made from hardened steel

Anti-drilling parts:

There will be few parts made from hardened Steel HRC 70-75 (equivalent of HSS Steel used to i.e. drill bits, cutting tools etc.)

  1. Cylinder cover internal wheels (pressed inside the body with hydraulic press).
  2. Back plate cover all mechanism
  3. Actuator
  4. Dead-bolt locking the shackle
  5. Shackle

Main features:

  1. 9 765 625 combinations (all available)
  2. Magnetic joint Moon Gear (anti tension unit)
  3. 5 combo wheels with 25 letters each
  4. Central lock in Open Close knob (optional)
  5. Anti-drilling security plate and cylinder (HRC 70-75 steel)
  6. 12 mm closed shackle
  7. Both sides locking mechanism (two points of locking the shackle)
  8. Both directions code setting (left, right)
  9. Code can be changed by the user (without limits)

This is most secure version of PCL available.

Why so secure?

  1. You need to pick each time the central lock in order to check one code.
  2. It is not possible to efficiently tension by any method.
  3. It is not possible to shimming.
  4. It is not possible to feel any true gate.
  5. It is not possible to drill it and check the gates.
  6. You can check only one code at the time.

Normal opening procedure:

  1. Enter the key (in this stage all wheels are blocked)
  2. Rotate key conterclockwise (rise Actuator)
  3. Set the correct code
  4. Rotate the key clockwise (Actuator is going down)
  5. Rotate whole wheel pack clockwise
  6. Remove the shackle

Closing is reverse order.

Cheers, Zbigniew

When perfect is not enough…..

Hello my friends, I have new idea how to in certain cases lift this already perfect solutions level up in term of security. I have question to you more experienced lock experts, what if…..

What if we will made small mod to this Polish Combination Lock based on build in small traditional lock (tubular, pintumbler or any other). Can you imagine for a moment that we will treat Open Close knob as plug and the masking part as a case of this lock?

The masking part will have such a shape that it will not rotate at all. It will be fixed in the body of this padlock. There will be key hole in front of the open close knob and lets say 5 pins lock any type is proper here.

In order to rotate the Open Close you will need to insert the key and then after setting proper code just rotate and open. This additional lock could be very simple lock , chepest and simplest on the planet.

The beautiful part is that the attacker will need to pick this lock any time before checking the one code. In our case almost 10 000 000 Times picking :). This solution will protect this mechanism even more than now it is protected already with all features.

Of course this key lock will be additional option we will not replace any features like magnetic joint etc. All the previous features remain as on this video.

So the mod needs 1. Changing the masking internal shape, not full rounded but mounted in the body. 2. Adding some kind of small lock using OpenClose knob as Plug and the masking as the case of this lock.

This solution will rise this mechanism to TOP NOTCH and so secure that all attackers will not start even the picking. If you will know that each time you like to probe the code you need first to pick this small lock then you will not try it I think.

I need your help here to understand which type of lock should be mounted there as an ultimate security option. Thanks again for your feedbacks, Zbigniew

PS. This mod is just in the future locks maybe in doors and safes. Additional benefit of such a mod is more secure integration of the OpenClose with the rest of the lock.

What about laser atatched option then…? Hmmm

As you can see now sky is the limit for us…..

Metal version of PCL

Here you can find information on the progress of production of the all-metal version.

27. SEPT.2019 first part production

Below first PCL wheel ever created in metal 🙂 Success! We just started, it will be long long story…..

first metal PCL wheel ever created

Swynndla has published his first video.

PCL 10 000 000 combinations in the hands. of Swynndla.

I am very glad that the lock has been shipped so quickly. Now Swynndla has 7 days for playing with the lock and try to decode it using all methods he wants including cardboard and laser beam method.

I am pretty sure he will have fun and will check carefully if this time the upgraded mechanism is really decoding proof. In this case with 10 000 000 unique combinations really doesn’t matter if this is 7 days or more. Here is important that Swynndla can check new design and “make certification” of the security level of this lock.

As he mentioned in this video the lock is very scalable and it can have 7 or less wheels but in real world the attacker will rather try to open using brute force and destruction instead of decoding.

This is exactly my goal to design the lock that can be open only by destruction. That is pick and decode proof.

This is important as if this will be true we will have one of the most secure solution available on the market soon.

I wish Swynndla good luck as he has most experience in decoding my design. I am waiting for final review and judgment.

Cheers, Zbigniew

Why not to play with more letters? New design of PCL.

Hello today I am going to show you the new design of PCL. This time you can play with 25 letters placed on 5 knobs. It gives you the opportunity to create even 9 765 625 unique codes.

This padlock has 12 mm closed shackle and 5 wheels plus some extra security features builded in.

This time it has double sided locking mechanism so the 12 mm shackle is even more secure.

There is all security features builded in this model. You will be supprise how good it is.

Now you can memorize 5 words sentence and set up the code very quickly.

Example: Buying Cars Is Quite Difficult. Your code is BCIOD

Cheers, Zbigniew

New design of PCL , now you can play with letters.

Hello, as you know 10 000 000 combinations padlock is now on the way to New Zealand to Swynndla. He will make nice review soon.

Meantime I have designed new layout of PCL. It has 4 combination wheels with 15 Letters on each wheel. Now you can play with sentences you like and set up the code.

Example: Nice Little Orange Octopus = NLOO in the code :).

We can change knobs from letters to numbers.

In the future we may have both sides knobs. Letters on one side and numbers on the other.

This padlock has all security features the same as 10 000 000 one.

4×15 combo version of PCL with letters

Cheers, Zbigniew

Most secure padlock ever created? New worldwide decoding challenge.

Here you can watch my new video showing 10 000 000 combinations padlock.

Most secure padlock ever created?

This prototype is ready for next decoding challenge. I claim that this padlock cannot be decoded even with laser not mention standard free hand methods.

I would like to announce next round of worldwide decoding challenge. The rules are the same as before. I count on Swynndla to take the challenge (he has priority) as he was the winner of first edition.

Please let me know Swynndla and I will send you this padlock for your attempt and review. You will have full 7 days to open this 10 000 000 combinations padlock :).