Maximum possible security level build in PCL.

Here is maximum security version of Polish Combination Lock.

Metal version with key.
Anti-drilling parts in green.
All green parts will be made from hardened steel
All green parts will be made from hardened steel
All green parts will be made from hardened steel

Anti-drilling parts:

There will be few parts made from hardened Steel HRC 70-75 (equivalent of HSS Steel used to i.e. drill bits, cutting tools etc.)

  1. Cylinder cover internal wheels (pressed inside the body with hydraulic press).
  2. Back plate cover all mechanism
  3. Actuator
  4. Dead-bolt locking the shackle
  5. Shackle

Main features:

  1. 9 765 625 combinations (all available)
  2. Magnetic joint Moon Gear (anti tension unit)
  3. 5 combo wheels with 25 letters each
  4. Central lock in Open Close knob (optional)
  5. Anti-drilling security plate and cylinder (HRC 70-75 steel)
  6. 12 mm closed shackle
  7. Both sides locking mechanism (two points of locking the shackle)
  8. Both directions code setting (left, right)
  9. Code can be changed by the user (without limits)

This is most secure version of PCL available.

Why so secure?

  1. You need to pick each time the central lock in order to check one code.
  2. It is not possible to efficiently tension by any method.
  3. It is not possible to shimming.
  4. It is not possible to feel any true gate.
  5. It is not possible to drill it and check the gates.
  6. You can check only one code at the time.

Normal opening procedure:

  1. Enter the key (in this stage all wheels are blocked)
  2. Rotate key conterclockwise (rise Actuator)
  3. Set the correct code
  4. Rotate the key clockwise (Actuator is going down)
  5. Rotate whole wheel pack clockwise
  6. Remove the shackle

Closing is reverse order.

Cheers, Zbigniew

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