Priyer’s final review. Update 10.06.2019

Due to his illness, Priyer could not perform the Polish Combination Lock evaluation video earlier and present his results. Now he is healthy and promised to publish the review video in coming days. I wish him all the best and a lot of health.

UPDATE as of 10 June 2019. Nothing , no contact from Priyer. What is going on? No idea. We can only wait until he will respond somehow.

UPDATE as of 03 June 2019. Still nothing, no contact with Priyer, very strange I hope he will make the final review and send my lock back.

UPDATE as of 25 May 2019. I do not know what is going on with Priyer now, no contact. I have sent many e-mails with request for information why he didn’t made the final review of my Polish Combination Lock yet and how he is feeling now. I have no idea, no info back what is going on and why he didn’t reply. Still waiting for his final review and my lock to be send back to me. Without my lock I cannot continue this challenge so I hope Priyer is ok and will send it back to me soon.

If you have any contact with him please ask him what is going on. Thank you.

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