Final design of Polish Combination Lock

Hello, today I found finally the way to protect the mechanism against laser or cardboard decoding attack.

You can see below the mechanism that will be use in the first full metal prototype of my Polish Combination Lock. It will be inside 10 000 000 combo padlock (7×10 numbers).

Neodymium magnets protect the machanism against all known possible attacks.

There will be two neodymium small cylinder magnets mounted inside the mechanism. They will work as an magnetic force joint between red wheel and green shaft. The red wheel will be not fixed with green shaft with the thread.

First one 4mm in diameter and 5mm height will be placed inside the central open/close shaft (green).

Second one with 3mm in diameter and 3mm height will be placed inside the new designed wheel (red one) half gear , half cylinder.

Both magnets will work together during normal operation however when you will try to use some extra force i.e. during the decoding attack they will dissconnect or misslead the attacker and the open/close shaft will rotate freely 360 degree. They will start dissconnect slowly so the laser method will show inconsistent results. This solution eliminate any rubber need or super accurate machine tollerances inside the gates.

This small mod solve in my opinion all potential decoding known attacks and make this mechanism top-notch secure.

Sometimes small things solving big problems!

Cheers Zbigniew

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