500 Billion Combinations

Here I will present soon the world most secure 100% mechanical lock mechanism (PCL) dedicated for special applications like: Treasure Doors, Army, Secret Service etc.

This lock is also build without any springs inside and is fully resistant for cracking attempt even if you know how it is working. There is no weak spots in my opinion. It is working based on the same working principia like standard version of PCL mechanism.

It has 512 000 000 000 unique combinations and could have even much more, depends on application. You can open it in 20 – 30 sec if you know correct combination. If you do not know and you like to guess it it will takes you approx.  177 777 777 Years (if you can check combinations  non-stop one by one).

So please share widely this web page and my YT channel, subscribe and comment here on main page and on my YT channel as well. I hope someone will be interested to start co-operation with me and to make it real soon.