Swynndla has published his first video.

PCL 10 000 000 combinations in the hands. of Swynndla.

I am very glad that the lock has been shipped so quickly. Now Swynndla has 7 days for playing with the lock and try to decode it using all methods he wants including cardboard and laser beam method.

I am pretty sure he will have fun and will check carefully if this time the upgraded mechanism is really decoding proof. In this case with 10 000 000 unique combinations really doesn’t matter if this is 7 days or more. Here is important that Swynndla can check new design and “make certification” of the security level of this lock.

As he mentioned in this video the lock is very scalable and it can have 7 or less wheels but in real world the attacker will rather try to open using brute force and destruction instead of decoding.

This is exactly my goal to design the lock that can be open only by destruction. That is pick and decode proof.

This is important as if this will be true we will have one of the most secure solution available on the market soon.

I wish Swynndla good luck as he has most experience in decoding my design. I am waiting for final review and judgment.

Cheers, Zbigniew

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