10 000 000 combinations padlock ready for testing

Today I have received the last model of my unique Polish Combination Padlock. It has been printed at Warsaw University of Technology in Rapid Prototyping Laboratory on Formiga P100 SLS printer.

Here is first picture of this 10 000 000 combinations padlock.

10 000 000 combo Polish Combination Padlock
Disassembled Polish Combination Padlock with 10 000 000 combinations.

I need to adjust all details now to make them work smooth and it will be ready for testing.

After assembly I realized that this padlock is super complicated and very difficult to operate as you need to allign all 7 wheels. I think this is maximum security level (not necessary good for padlock) and next variants whould have less wheels. Nevertheless I made this one to proof that 7 wheels are possible to made.

The body of the padlock is very compact but massive and allow to use different shackles up to 14mm thickness. Current one has 10mm.

The numbers are very badly visible and need to be painted but are too small (concave) to do it correctly so I need to leave them as they are for testing. For sure the metal version must have super visible numbers.

The open/close knob is very tiny comparing to last models and this will complicate the operation and decoding as well. I think the user will use this just in case of opening/closing but attacker will have real pain to operate many times such a small knob.

I will make soon next video to show you this super secure padlock with all protection features inside incl. neodymium magnets.



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