“Mousetrap” for attacker. Custom setup.

Hello , today I am showing you how the user can change the way the PCL is operated. Each lock can have custom setup and the different way of operation. Please watch below video and see how you can setup “mousetrap” for attacker.

“Mousetrap” for potential attacker
Polski Zamek Szyfrowy wersja hybrydowa

All features as magnetic coupling, 360 deg key rotation and more are still in place. You can just adjust the initial possition of actuator and open close shaft and moon gear. This unique setup guarantee that you can setup your own style of operation. The lock itself can be mounted even upside down. There is plenty of possible ways to operate. This is up to you how you will setup your own PCL in the future.



Most advanced PCL mounted in little safe box.

Hi, here is small safe box with most advanced PCL mounted inside.

English version
Polish version

This safe has 100 000 unique combinations, central key lock and magnetic coupling inside the mechanism. It is most advanced solution with all PCL features invented up to date.

Piggybank for my little son.

Piggybank now is ready, my son enjoy it very much.

I just finish the piggybank for my little son. Polish Combination Lock is inside and works perfect. This project I have posted on Thingiverse, you can enjoy it as well.

Piggybank for my son is now ready. Polish Combination lock fits well inside.

Ultra secure hybrid padlock.

Hello, today I am presenting you new hybrid Polish Combination Padlock. This is ultra secure practicaly not to decode solution.

Ultra secure hybrid padlock.

Thanks for watching,

PCL padlock full metal production

First samples of Polish Combination Lock padlock body are ready now. Below few pictures:

Aluminium body of PCL padlock
Aluminium body of PCL padlock
The PCL padlock body
The PCL padlock body
Zinc body of PCL padlock
Zinc body of PCL padlock

Now we will install antidrilling HRC 70 Steel inserts to protect the internal mechanism against drilling.

Cheers, Zbigniew

First samples of PCL padlock body coming soon.

PCL samples production in progress

Hello, we are progressing step by step with our project. Here are few samples of the first PCL padlock bodies production. Those units are CNC milled but the real production will be mold casted proces (thousends of units) to keep the unit price as low as possible.

This would be very expensive proces so please support us by any donation. You can find link on this page.