Priyer’s final review.

Due to his illness, Priyer could not perform the Polish Combination Lock evaluation video earlier and present his results. Now he is healthy and promised to publish the review video in coming days. I wish him all the best and a lot of health.

We are waiting for Priyer’s final review.

Hello , we are still waiting for the final review Priyer should do. I hope he can do it soon (we certainly waiting now too long) and I will be able then to announce next participant.

I hope Priyer can send back my lock ASAP after final video will be made.



3rd round of worldwide decoding challenge is over.

Hello we just finish 3rd round of Polish Combination Lock worldwide decoding challenge. Priyer just asked for the correct code and I have published it. Now we are waiting for final video review and afterwards Priyer will send my lock back to me for next participant. I will announce new round soon. Thank you Priyer for your effort in decoding my lock mechanism.

The Worldwide challenge 3rd round will begin soon.

21.03.2019 Today the Polish Combination Lock has been sent to Priyer (Canada) at 10:40 CET. The estimate delivery time is 7 working days. Please let us know when you receive the package. We are waiting now for first Priyer video from unpacking and than the Challenge will begin. I wish Priyer good luck in decoding Polish Combination Lock mechanism.

New Worldwide Challenge request from Priyer just arrived.

Hello due to the fact that there was no more requests from people who have more than 5000 subscribers I decided to cancel this requirement. Now anyone who has YouTube channel about lockpicking can participate in my Worldwide decoding challenge, new rules are updated now.

There is new request from Priyer to decode Polish Combination Lock. Here is his channel:

He picked already such a “unpickable” locks like: the Bowley lock, the Forever lock, and the Yuema 750 to name a few.

So lets the challenge begin soon. You can find more info on proper page….

I wish Priyer all the best and good luck in decoding. The Polish Combination Lock is now going to Canada.

Polish Combination Padlock with closed shackle

Hello today I made video presenting brand new Polish Combination Padlock with closed shackle printed on SLS Formiga P100 printer in Rapid Prototyping Laboratory at Warsaw University of Technology. This is 1:1 as commercial padlock should looks like.

English version
Polish version

Polish Pin Tumbler Lock

Hello I made new video with all details and answer Why this is unpickable lock?

Anti Pick Pin added on first slot. There is rigid connection with driver pin. When you push the lifter button the first anti pick pin is blocking entire keyway unable the free access to the rest of pins. This is additional security level. Depends on desire security level it could be more than one anti pick pin.

Please consider that red pins could be made from neodymium magnets and blue from steel (the red part could be divided 50% upper part steel as well and 50% lower part neodymium magnet). The key is from brass and the plug and case as well. The pins could have different shapes as well. Yellow neodymium magnets 3x6mm, red and blue steel pins. Important remark: Only few selected slots with magnets like second and 4th etc. Red could be brass pins as well.